What Is BCP

The BCP so far is a group of individuals where some represent organisations like NGOs or Art Colectives and some do not - who have met several times, initiated by the Goethe-Institute/Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore MMB Bangalore. The group has started to think about projects that would help to raise awareness about the importance of Arts and Culture in a city like Bangalore. Part of that process are regular meetings, where issues and projects are discussed. One of the first areas of activities identified were the city walks or rather Urban Space Events1, the second was setting up this webgroup to document and disseminate the results of the various projects. In principle there can be a myriad of projects…

As you can see in our documentation a number of urban space events have already been organised in 2008 and 2009 and more events are to come in 2010! We also would like to mention that this is not an exclusive group but that anyone who wishes to contribute to this cause should contact us and we would be happy to invite you to one of our next meetings!

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