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The Bangalore City Group aims to raise awareness about Arts and Culture in the City of Bangalore. The Group wants to initiate programmes for the City, as a meeting point for art and culture and as a neutral platform that would bring about awareness among the people, of the importance of cultural infrastructure of a city, of the histories and importance of various places in the city that have otherwise remained silent and veiled. These could be in the form of learning about public open spaces, places of historic importance, cultural institutions (like open days at Ranga Shankara, Art colleges etc.), city markets, campuses, neighborhoods etc.

The group argues that issues of public spaces (as meeting points; for leisure activities), art infrastructure (in terms of museums, theaters, community centers, festivals), educational infrastructure (in terms of colleges and universities) and a unique identity of a city (e.g. in terms of heritage, local specific activities) have a special importance for the cities’ future since they among others determine the attractiveness of a city to its citizens - those who are already here and those who might wish to migrate here.

Through the Looking Glass - 17 Feb to 3 March
Photocredit: Archana Prasad

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