Projects 2009


Urban issues appear to be gaining increasing importance in India today, with rapid urbanization, critical infrastructure, challenges of governance and rampant speculation. Incidentally, most concerns are focused at the physicality of the city, leaving the non-physical to their fate. Memories are being erased, history is diluting, public art gets a lip service, urban aesthetics gets redefined and theatre gets confined. With this realization, Max Mueller Bhavan intends to create a over arching platform to bring together various players from the fields of urban planning, art, design, architecture, theatre, music, history, conservation, ecology and such others towards a concerted effort to culminate in a strong movement to identify, define, sustain and perpetuate the city, namely the Bangalore City Project.

The most appropriate stage to enact all these concerns is urban space, a phenomena which served as the core quality of all city centres. Accordingly, the idea of a project on Public Spaces in Bangalore City took roots during the World Information City event in 2006. The last two years have seen the maturing of the idea, couple of seminars and exhibitions, partnering with like minded groups and individuals and such pre-launch activities. BCP is launching the Urban Space Events in collaboration with UDBHAVA commencing with the site specific event at Gavipuram.



We conducted 4 urban space events as well as a presentation & discussion session in the last year.
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