25th February 2008

Bangalore City Project
Minutes of the Meeting

Date: February 25, 2008
Time: 6.30 p.m.
Venue: 1. Shanti Road

As there were a lot of newcomers to the group, Dr. Hust welcomed the gathering and briefly explained the concept of the Bangalore City Project.

Art in the Public Space in Bangalore
Suresh Jayaram made a power point presentation detailing some of the projects undertaken by the artist community in the public space in Bangalore in the past few decades. These ranged from Balan Nambiar’s sculptures which are located all over the city to temporary public interventions on buses, bullock carts, at the Bangalore Habba, in the wake of the communal riots, in Ulsoor Lake, etc.

A sizeable number of Bangalore artists have participated in such initiatives, on their own, in collaboration with organisations such as Max Mueller Bhavan, as well as with the Government and local authorities. Some of the problems faced have been getting permissions and overcoming beaurocracy and red tape. Also due to public apathy and lack of resources, the reach of the projects, especially the temporary ones was not as great as it could have been.

However the interest in promoting art in the public space definitely exists and should be explored further.

The BCP Wikidot.com website
The Internet Sub-Committee has been active and the results were presented at the meeting. Archana Prasad introduced the new BCP website and explained that it is planned as a maintenance free measure, that can be updated by any member of the group who has the secret password. Specific projects and pages would be updated by the persons concerned – for eg, MMB would upload the Minutes of Meetings, Udbhava would update the Gavipuram Public Space Event page etc.

At present, Archana has set up a basic structure, but this can always be modified at any time, as per the progress of the project. It is extremely simple to edit the pages, using the Edit function that appears at the bottom of every page – these can also be made more attractive with the uploading of pictures, videos etc.

For those who have not yet joined the site, here is the procedure:

Click on the following link and join the new BCP website before the meeting: http://bcp.wikidot.com/system:join

If you already have a Wikidot.com account, you can log into the BCP site with the secret password.

If you do not, you need to first create a free Wikidot.com account - go to the section: Or, if you already know a "secret password", go for it! Select Create a New Account. Follow the instructions and once you have the account, you can log into the BCP site using the secret password.

Gavipuram Public Space Event
The City Walks Sub-Committee has also been active. On behalf of Sathya Parakash Varanashi and Udbhava Foundation, Krupa presented the proposal for the Gavipuram Public Space Event on March 8, 2008.

3:30 pm Assemble at entrance to Gavipuram temple General introduction
4:00 pm Walk around the temple (it opens at 4.00 pm) under the guidance of Mr Nagaraju, Indologist/Archaeologist
4:30 pm Reassemble outside in square for street theatre performance by Shashidar Baliga’s or A. S. Murthy’s group (local groups)
5:00 pm Walk up to Kempambudhi Kere
6:00 pm Display/sale of books select Book Shop (Sanjay and Murthy), UDBHAVA and Kala Sangha libraries on Bangalore and group discussion on Bangalore at Udayavani Kala Sangha chaired by Mr. Narasimha. (Sangha would sponsor tea/coffee for 40 to 50 people.) Suryanath Kamath to moderate the discussion

Artists’ square: Umesh Maddannahalli’s video on Gavipuram to be screened. Other artisits to come up with suggestions

Numbers: Unknown. If 100 or more, three different guides will take three groups on different walks

Involvement of local authorities: To clean up square

Funding: Udbhava can pass the hat around to meet expenses or use for local projects

Title: Walk is too restrictive so suggestions are invited for a name

Publicity: Through emailers and Press release from MMB. Project to be presented as BCP event supported by MMB and Udbhava as well as by city artists, architects, etc.

Water Walk
S.Vishwanath to supply details before the next meeting – ideally upload them on the website.

Next meeting
This will be held at 6.30 p.m. on March 10th at Max Mueller Bhavan, in particular to review the Gavipuram Public Space Event.

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