Lalbagh - The Nature/Culture Walk

We are happy to announce a Nature and Heritage Walk at Lalbagh. It is in an attempt to look at the familiar from a new perspective. Many of us have seen the sights Lalbagh offers, enjoyed the bi-annual flower shows. Or are just regular walkers in this historical lung space of the city. Now we discover it anew!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

8.30 a.m. sharp

Approx. 2 ½ hours

Meet at the parking lot at the base of the hill, Lalbagh Double Road Gate.
Please bring water and refreshments!
The event is open to all and there is no registration.

Photocredit: Dayaprasad Kulkarni Photocredit: Archana Prasad

The walk will enlighten you on the historical, botanical and horticultural details that have made Bangalore the chosen site for experimentation and exploration in horticulture. The concept of the garden perceived by the British as a public space connected to a zoo and museum. The making of Lalbagh has a long pre-colonial history, which connects the site to Hyder Ali (1761–82) and Tipu Sultan (1782-99). During this period the garden was maintained by a Daroga (Chief Gardener) named Mohammed Ali. Lalbagh came under the control of the East India Company’s Botanist Major Waugh.

Monuments in the Garden:
• Kempegowda Tower
• Lalbagh Glass House
• Bandstand
• Horticulture Lecture Hall
• Lalbagh House
• Pigeon House
• Statue of Chamaraja Wodeyar
• Directorate Building
• Lalbagh Westgate Guard Room
• Lalbagh Main Gate (Cameron Gate)
• Deer Paddock
• Aquarium Building

The Tree Trek will involve the participants photographing different species of trees, landscape features, flowers, birds, etc. during the walk. The images have to be aesthetically composed and sent to the BCP by the evening of the walk. Prizes will be awarded to the best entries.


Thank you for a lovely event. It was wonderful both to explore Lalbagh, learn about the flora and fauna from experts as well as to see so many Bangaloreans with an active interest in nature in the city.
Priya Narayanan

Thanks a ton for the enriching experience. Looking forward to more such walks.

At the outset, thank you for giving an opportunity to participate in today morning's "The nature & Heritage Walk" at Lalbagh. It was fascinating to come out and do something interesting and something which I hadn't done so far in my life. This initiative gave me a different perspective all together the way we look at the nature and its hidden beauty.

Thanks for a wonderful morning. I look forward to many more events such as these.
Saroj Kundu

I was a part of this morning's Lalbhag walk group. Let me first congratulate you and your team for making this even happen. I have personally learnt a lot from today's program.
Aravind Madhyastha

Sumana Harish says…” I have been coming to Lalbagh since when i was a kid and never seen it in this perspective before……Thanks a lot for the experience. Also I didn’t know these many birds existed here.”

Hiten Balsari says…” Interesting tidbits of information. Perhaps more such walks should be organised in Bangalore. A Birdwatching tour would be ideal but with a smaller group size.”

Dr Shobhana Iyer says…” Simply superb!! Thanks for organising such a wonderful walk. The amount of info gathered could not be matched by numerous hours of reading. Thanks a ton for helping us appreciate the wonder called Lalbagh. Looking forward to more such walks.”


Suresh Jayaram and other experts

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