Gavipuram Urban Space Event

Gavipuram (Kannada word for Cave Neighborhood) with its cave temple, small settlement and the large tank in the valley existed before formal Bangalore came in to existence. The founding fathers of the city identified this area as one of the edges of their envisioned city. As the city grew into this hamlet, the temple precinct became popular with social spaces for marriages, ritual spaces for religion and cultural spaces for events. Though much has altered now, the remnants of the past are still visible around.

While the Cave Temple with its legendary reputation for letting in sunlight directly on the deity on the Makarasankranthi day, watch tower installed by Kempegowda and dhobi (washer man’s) ghat represent the past, the Udayabhanu Kala Sangha, Vivekananda Yoga Kendra, Kala Mandir art school and hill top temple with musical fountain garden are leaving the cultural foot prints of today. Natural topography and traditional urban form, retained till date create a historic ambience as one enters this precinct.

Despite such a hoary past, all is not well with Gavipuram. Speculative market has led to demolition of old buildings, dirt and squalor are wide spread, public apathy is evident, modern city infrastructure projects are not highlighting the space and the local populace have lost faith in the livability of the neighborhood. We cannot simply wish to reinstate the position of Gavipuram in these changing times, but we can attempt to understand the urban space potentials to begin with, hoping to make an impact on the future of the area.

To that end, BCP intends to create an informal evening to share common ideas and concerns,


Saturday 08 March 2008


3:30 pm assemble at entrance to Gavigangadeeshwara Cave temple. History and introduction to place

4:00 pm street theatre performance

4:30 pm commence guided walk to Kempegowda tower

5:30 pm commence walk back to Kala Sangha

6:00 pm art installation video, display / sale of books on Bangalore and group discussion at Udayabhanu Kala Sangha

6:30 pm close discussion. those interested to visit Cave temple

Getting there:

From lalbagh come down vanivilas road to reach ramakrishna ashram circle at intersection with bull temple road. follow the traffic around the circle (to the left) and take the road prependicular to bull temple road (the road opposite to you as you go around). this leads straight to the hari hara gudda hill. the cave temple is on the opposite side of this hill. go around the hill to your right to reach the entrance.

carry along cap or sun umberella and water


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These videos are snippets from the Gavipuram Urban Space Event conducted by BCP in collaboration with Udbhava. The first one is at the heritage Gavigangadeeshwara Cave temple in Gavipuram.


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